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Mission to Liberia


We support Mission for Life Ministries. This was started in 2007 by Alfred Kennedy, a church member. Alfred grew up in Liberia, West Africa, but lived in the UK for 20 years. A few years ago he received a clear call from the Lord to bring hope and help to fellow countrymen and women living in the rural areas of Liberia. Although there is now political stability, the effects of 14 years of civil war are still being felt. Whilst help is being provided by various agencies to the main towns and centres, many in rural areas are still in great need.

Alfred has made three extended trips to Liberia and worked with a small trusted group of Christians leaders in Monrovia. He has shared in a number of evangelistic missions, preached in village churches, distributed Bibles to believers and gifts to children in the church nursery school.

He has also been busy in practical projects such as building a new church in Gbarmah. In 2009, he established a small team of evangelists to give much needed oversight to the rural churches.

The church paid for 300 Bibles to be distributed in Liberia and now helps support Pastor Alfonso.

Alfred writes, "In the past few years we have been privileged to reach thousands of people in my country with the Good News of Jesus. Our team has had the joy of baptizing 150 converts; seen two churches planted and established a church nursery for 52 children. Recently we appointed 5 young men as evangelists to care for the village churches and encourage them to grow and stand firm in an area dominated by Islam. Please continue to stand with us in prayer and giving as Mission for Life Ministries brings hope and help to Liberia." To contact Alfred , email   missionforlifeministries@yahoo.co.uk


To make a donation, please send a cheque payable to "West Hendon Baptist Church" to Mission for Life Ministries, West Hendon Baptist Church, Wilberforce Rd, NW9 6AX.